Unmapped Guest Entitlement Cleaner Job


The reoccurring unmapped guest entitlement cleaner job removes invalid entitlements that have the pool attribute “unmapped_guests_only”. By default this job runs at 3:00 am and every 12 hours afterwards.

Job key: UnmappedGuestEntitlementCleanerJob

Criteria for removal

  • The Pool must have the “unmapped_guests_only” pool attribute.
  • The entitlement has a start date after the current date and time OR an end date before the current date and time.

Configurable Properties

Configurations that can be defined in the candlepin.conf file.

Property Key Default value Description
candlepin.async.jobs.UnmappedGuestEntitlementCleanerJob.schedule 0 0 3/12 * * ? Defines when to run the job (Cron job format)
Last modified on 5 June 2024