Prevent some jobs from running concurrently. For example, if I call refresh pools on a given owner repeatedly I want at most 2 jobs scheduled.

Current list of job classes

Jobname Cron/Async Description
KingpinJob N/A A supertype between actual jobs and the Quartz Job. Gives us more freedom to define behavior. Every candlepin job must extend KingpinJob.
UniqueByEntityJob (previously UniqueByOwnerJob) N/A A supertype between actual jobs and KingpinJob. Can by extended by jobs that should not be run concurrently per entity (currently owners or consumers). A job will wait for the running job to finish before beginning execution. Any new schedule requests may be ignored if there is a similar job currently scheduled on the same target, but has not begun execution. Hence only jobs for which successive requests are no-ops should extend UniqueByEntityJob.
ActiveEntitlementJob 0 0 0/1 * * ? Recalculates compliance for consumers when entitlements become active.
CancelJobJob 0/5 * * * * ? Deletes the specified job from the scheduler.
CertificateRevocationListTask 0 0 12 * * ? Synchronizes the CRL with the DB.
ConsumerComplianceJob async Evaluates the compliance status of a consumer, and updates the consumer if requested.
EntitleByProductsJob async Bind by pool, product for an entitle date.
EntitlerJob async Bind by pool, product, heal entire org.
ExpiredPoolsJob 0 0 0/4 * * ? Looks for any pools past their expiration date. If found we clean up the subscription, pool, and its entitlements. This is primarily done on a scheduled basis to make sure we re-source derived pools if the stack has other still valid entitlements.
ExportCleaner 0 0 12 * * ? Examines the directory where the exporter compiles its information and resultant zip file. Data that is more that a day old will be expunged.
HealEntireOrgJob async Heals an entire org. Extends UniqueByEntityJob.
HypervisorUpdateJob async Refreshes the entitlement pools for specific org.
ImportRecordJob 0 0 12 * * ? Deletes all but N oldest records from the import record table.
JobCleaner 0 0 12 * * ? Removes finished jobs older than yesterday, and failed jobs from 4 days ago.
PopulateHostedDBTask async Worker implementation for populating Hosted’s DB.
RefreshPoolsForProductJob async Refreshes the pools for the given owner, product.
RefreshPoolsJob async Refreshes the pools for the given owner. Extends UniqueByEntityJob.
RegenEnvEntitlementCertsJob async Regenerates entitlements within an environment which are affected by the promotion/demotion of the given content sets.
RegenProductEntitlementCertsJob async Regenerate entitlements for pools that provide the given product
StatisticHistoryTask 0 0 1 * * ? Calculates the statistics for an owner.
SweepBarJob 0 0/5 * * * ? Marks non-finished/failed/canceled job status ( orphaned jobs ) that do not correspond to a quartz jobs as “canceled”.
UndoImportsJob async Removing pools created during manifest import. Extends UniqueByEntityJob.
UnmappedGuestEntitlementCleanerJob 0 0 3/12 * * ? Removes 24 hour unmapped guest entitlements after the entitlement has expired. Entitlements normally last until a pool expires.
UnpauseJob 0/5 * * * * ? Prompts each paused job to check if it is safe to continue executing.
Last modified on 2 July 2024