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Migration TDLR>

  • Effective immediately (11th March 2016), the spec tests in server/spec are being moved to server/old_spec and the supporting ruby client server/client/ruby/candlepin_api.rb is being replaced by server/client/ruby/candlepin.rb.

  • The rest client refactor is complete and has been merged into main, but the spec tests refactor is in progress and is being worked in the branch awood/spec-refactor

  • Once that branch is merged to main ( TODO: update this doc then ), the existing spec tests and ruby client will be deprecated.

  • After that merge, Any new tests should be added only to server/spec.

  • Due to changes in candlepin, if any changes need to be made to server/old_spec, that spec test should be ported to server/spec as a part of that PR.

  • Both server/client/ruby/candlepin_api.rb and server/client/ruby/candlepin.rb need to be maintained until candlepin_api.rb is deleted.

  • Buildr rspec will continue to run spec tests against both old and new spec tests.

  • The new rest client and spec tests are now style checked via Rubocop.

    $ buildr rubocop
  • Style issues could be fixed using the auto_correct task:

    $ buildr rubocop:auto_correct
  • Note: Not all the new rest client methods have been thoroughly tested; we are relying on the spec test refactor to improve the reliability of the client. Until then, this client is for candlepin developers’ use only.

Todo Tasks

  • Port hostedtest rest client APIs to the new client
  • In the new rest client need to move the helper classes Message, JSONClient, Candlepin::Util, Candlepin::API,etc ( basically everything but the resource classes) to their respective files.
  • We need to move the custom matchers from the test file to a utility that spec tests can use.
  • Debug is an instance variable on the client, which means we no longer have a global debug. The newer debug is very convenient, but perhaps we could keep the old option of a global debug too? When my test_candlepin.rb failed, I had to debug! on all the clients to find out where the problem was, and wished there was a global debug
  • Figure out a way to run server/client/ruby/test/test_candlepin.rb with every PR. perhaps add a new task or update rspec task?
Last modified on 7 April 2023