Currently, candlepin configuration file (/etc/candlepin/candlepin.conf) allows for the following types of configuration:

JPA Configuration

All JPA configuration entries must use jpa.config prefix. JPA configuration section can be used to override/define various hibernate properties that usually go in the ‘properties’ section of persistence-unit section in persistence.xml file. An example configuration:

   jpa.config.hibernate.connection.url=jdbc:postgresql:candlepin ** w/ this set restarting tomcat clears the db

OAuth configuration

candlepin.auth.oauth.enable = true
candlepin.auth.oauth.consumer.rspec.secret = rspec-oauth-secret

Module Configuration

All module configuration entries must use module.config prefix. The right-hand side (value) of the module configuration entry defines the class name of a sublclass of that is used to define binding for a given module. For examples of bindings for a module see org.candlepin.guice.CandlepinProductionConfiguration class. Example of module configuration as used in candlepin.conf:

module.config.example_module = org.candlepin.example.ExampleModule


Any logging level can be set via the file. For example, to enable DEBUG for all candlepin classes the following line should be used:

Pretty Printed JSON

To have the JSON returned by Candlepin pretty printed, add the following line:


Manifest Export Web Application Prefix

To have manifest exports from this candlepin be traceable back by the receiving distributor system:

candlepin.export.webapp.prefix = system URL, e.g. 'localhost:8443/candlepin'
Last modified on 2 July 2024