Product and Pool Attributes

Name Appears On Possible Values Passed in Certificate Purpose Notes
arch product ALL, x86_64, i686, x390x Yes A list of architectures for which a subscription can be used. All denotes all architectures.  
host_limited product true, false or <not present> No Modifies virt_limit behaviour in hosted mode to create a host restricted sub-pool on each host bind, rather than a single bonus pool for all guests.  
instance_multiplier product integer No Triggers instance based subscriptions. Multiplies quantity of the pool. Physical binds will consume entitlements by multiples.  
management_enabled product 1 or 0 Yes Indicates whether management is enabled.  
multi-entitlement product yes,<not present> No If yes, a consumer can attach a subscription for this product or a stack of products in a quantity greater than one.  
physical_only product true,<not present> Yes If true, a subscription may only be attached to a physical machine.  
pool_derived pool true, <not present> No Internal attribute, which denotes the pool was created by a rule.  
ram product GB of RAM Yes The amount of RAM a subscription can cover.  
requires_consumer_type product consumer type (currently: system, person, domain, candlepin) No Limits the type of consumer that can use this subscription.  
requires_host pool Host consumer UUID No Only guests with a matching host consumer UUID can use this subscription.  
sockets product number of cpu sockets Yes The number of sockets a subscription can cover.  
support_level product human readable description of support level Yes Used to match the consumer’s service_level for subscription attachment decisions.  
support_type product human readable description of support type Yes Subscription information.  
user_license product “unlimited”, int No Indicates that when an entitlement is granted, a new pool is created of the indicated size, which is only available to consumers registered by the same user account. This is used to model “developer subscriptions”  
user_license_product product product ID No Indicates what product the new pool should be for in the above scenario. If not specified, the same product is used from the original subscription/pool.  
variant product product variant Yes Informational  
version product product version Yes Informational  
virt_only product, pool true, <not present> Yes If true, a subscription can only be attached to a virtual machine  
virt_limit product, pool number No Indicates the quantity of guest entitlements a subscription includes. The behavior varies depending on server configuration. If in standalone mode, host entitlement creation will spawn a sub-pool restricted to guests on that host. In hosted mode, a single virt pool is created for all guests with no host restrictions.  
stacking_id product string Yes An arbitrary string which creates a functional equivalence across different products. Its use leads to a single sub-pool for guests on a single host that have any of the products from the stack installed. Multi-entitlement is optional in conjunction with this attribute and is not mandatory.  
warning_period product number Yes The number of days prior to subscription expiry the client should issue warnings.  
Last modified on 5 June 2024