Candlepin Database Schema Updates

We are using the liquibase database refactoring tool for updating the candlepin database. Changes are represented by XML files containing instructions on the changes to apply. Liquibase keeps track of what has been applied and what hasn’t, and is capable of managing a database even when branches are being merged together.

Create vs Update

We maintain two XML files, one for creating a fresh database, one for updating any deployed database starting from candlepin 0.5.26.

changelog-create.xml contains all instructions to create the latest database schema. The schema for 0.5.26 is directly in this file, but all future updates will be in their own XML changeset file, and referenced in both changelog-create and changelog-update.

changelog-update.xml contains all instructions to update any database since candlepin 0.5.26.

Because both create and update reference all future changes, this will allow us to create new databases and later update them, without liquibase getting confused about what has been applied and what hasn’t.

Authoring A Database Change

  1. Edit the Java classes and Hibernate annotations as before.
  2. Run the buildr task to generate a timestamped changeset template and include it in the relevant changelogs: (it is assumed that candlepin is checked out under $HOME/src/)

    $ cd $HOME/src/candlepin/server
    $ buildr "changeset: short-description-for-filename-goes-here"
  3. Edit the resulting file to perform the actual changes. The liquibase documentation on refactoring commands and changesets may be useful here.
  4. Test applying your change: (may have to adjust this command slightly for your system)

    $ liquibase --driver=org.postgresql.Driver --classpath=$HOME/src/candlepin/server/src/main/resources:$HOME/src/candlepin/server/target/classes:/usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc.jar --changeLogFile=$HOME/src/candlepin/server/src/main/resources/db/changelog/changelog-update.xml --url="jdbc:postgresql:candlepin" --username=candlepin --password="" update
  5. Test rolling back your changes. If using the standard liquibase supported instructions for your change (as opposed to doing raw SQL), we do not need to author explicit rollback instructions, liquibase can figure these out for us in most cases.

    $ liquibase --driver=org.postgresql.Driver --classpath=$HOME/src/candlepin/server/src/main/resources:$HOME/src/candlepin/server/target/classes:/usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc.jar --changeLogFile=$HOME/src/candlepin/server/src/main/resources/db/changelog/changelog-update.xml --url="jdbc:postgresql:candlepin" --username=candlepin --password="" rollbackCount 1
  6. git add, and commit.
Last modified on 5 June 2024