Expired Entitlements


Candlepin does not actively look for expired entitlements to revoke. We rely on SSL to handle the verification that the certificate is still valid. (the CDN should do this)

Candlepin does however check for expired subscriptions during a refresh pools operation for an organization. If any are found they (and their outstanding entitlements) will be cleaned up.

This implies that at any given point in time, when a system requests its certificates it should have to perform a sync, it could see expired certificates if a refresh pools has not yet been run for that org.

Subscription Manager

As certs expire they will stop working against the CDN.

All certlib updates check for expired certificates at the end, and if any are found they are deleted. As such, actually seeing “Expired” in the client will be relatively rare, as any expired certs will be removed relatively quickly.

Last modified on 17 May 2024