Configuring A Remote Artemis Server

By default, candlepin runs with an embedded Artemis server. Candlepin does however support running against a remote Artemis server. The following guide will walk you through installing a remote Artemis server with basic configuration. Because candlepin relys on very specific queues and addresses, it is not advised to mess with these configuration settings.

Installing Artemis

First, stop tomcat so that the embedded Artemis instance is shut down to avoid port conflicts.

sudo systemctl stop tomcat

Run the following to install Artemis and to create an instance of a broker.

cd /opt
sudo wget
sudo tar xvzf apache-artemis-2.4.0-bin.tar.gz
sudo rm apache-artemis-2.4.0-bin.tar.gz
sudo mkdir /var/lib/artemis
cd /opt/apache-artemis-2.4.0
sudo bin/artemis create --user admin --password admin --allow-anonymous /var/lib/artemis/candlepin

Setup Artemis As A Service

Create a service file for Artemis: /usr/lib/systemd/system/artemis.service

Description=Apache ActiveMQ Artemis

ExecStart=/var/lib/artemis/candlepin/bin/artemis-service start
ExecStop=/var/lib/artemis/candlepin/bin/artemis-service stop
ExecReload=/var/lib/artemis/candlepin/bin/artemis-service restart


Create a user and group for artemis.

sudo useradd artemis --home /var/lib/artemis
sudo chown -R artemis:artemis /var/lib/artemis

Setup an SELinux policy for the artemis service. In a temp directory, create an artemisservice.te file contining the following.

module artemisservice 1.0;

require {
    type var_lib_t;
    type init_t;
    class file { execute execute_no_trans };

#============= init_t ==============
allow init_t var_lib_t:file { execute execute_no_trans };

Compile and load the policy.

checkmodule -M -m -o artemisservice.mod artemisservice.te
semodule_package -m artemisservice.mod -o artemisservice.pp

# Remove the existing module if it exists.
sudo semodule -vr artemisservice

# Reload the artemisservice module
sudo semodule -vi artemisservice.pp

Configure Artemis and Candlepin Connections

Configure Artemis using the default broker.xml that is packaged in the candlepin war file.

Note: The default Artemis config file contains some useful information and settings as the Artemis installation adds some performance tuning settings for the installation.

cd /var/lib/artemis/candlepin
sudo mv etc/broker.xml etc/broker.old
sudo cp /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/candlepin/WEB-INF/classes/broker.xml etc/

Edit the etc/broker.xml file to configure the appropriate acceptor.

            <acceptor name="netty">tcp://localhost:61617</acceptor>

Edit the /etc/candlepin/candlepin.conf as follows:


Start the artemis service and ensure that there were no errors.

sudo systemctl start artemis
sudo systemctl status artemis

In a seperate terminal, tail and grep the logs to make sure that candlepin is running against the remote Artemis server when it starts.

tail -f /var/log/candlepin/candlepin.log  | grep "Candlepin will connect"

Restart candlepin. Once candlepin starts, you should see a log entry from above that reads:

INFO org.candlepin.audit.ActiveMQContextListener - Candlepin will connect to a remote Artemis server.

sudo systemctl restart tomcat
Last modified on 17 May 2024