Candlepin Terms

It is helpful to understand the high level terms in the candlepin data model. A basic diagram of the model is:

In that diagram you will see the following terms

an organization who has purchased subscriptions to products.
The right to consume a given product.
An item or service which can be subscribed to by the owner.
An entity (person, system, etc) within the owner who may wish to make use of products.
The right to use a product
Entitlement Pool
The collection of entitlements which are available to be consumed based on a subscription

You will also see the other terms used throughout the wiki

Entitlement Certificate
By default, an x.509 certficate which represents you right to consume a subscription. This certificate can be used to access software.
Identity Certificate
By default, an x.509 certificate which unique identifies a single consumer.
Last modified on 17 May 2024