make stylish


First things first: we are using black to format the code. Install it (either from package manager or via pip) and run it before you make a commit. CI is configured to check if the code is formatted correctly and will fail if the formatting differs.


make stylish invokes several programs.

  • rpmlint checks if our .spec file is formatted correctly.
  • flake8 checks all Python files for formatting issues. black solves many of them, so you will get list of undefined variables, imported-yet-unused packages or list of lines that are too long.

pre-commit hook

You can write small bash script that will be invoked every time you make a commit or before you make a push.

Place a file to .git/hooks/pre-commit or .git/hooks/pre-push:


black .

Please note that this will not work for branches that were not formatted with black, e.g. all of RHEL 8 and RHEL 9.0 as well (up until subscription-manager-1.29.28).

Last modified on 23 October 2023