Gutterball Developer Deployment

Instructions for deploying gutterball from source.



All commands below are assumed relative to your candlepin project checkout: $CHECKOUT_DIR

  1. Get The Code

    You should already have the code from your candlepin setup, but if not, you can get it as follows.

    $ git clone
  2. Setup QPid

    $ sudo yum install qpid-cpp-server-store qpid-cpp-server qpid-tools
    $ cd $CHECKOUT_DIR/gutterball/bin/qpid
    $ ./

    NOTE: For instructions on how to completely wipe out all qpid configuration and start new, READ

  3. Create a DB user for gutterball

    $ sudo su - postgres -c 'createuser -dls gutterball'
  4. Run the deploy script

    $ cd $CHECKOUT_DIR/gutterball/
    $ bin/deploy -g


By default, gutterball’s configuration is set up for a source developer deployment, so you may not need an actual /etc/gutterball/gutterball.conf. If so however, the properties you can use and their defaults can be viewed in this file.

Last modified on 13 September 2016